Written By: Chaim   (Posted 10/2008)

I am…..

I am the roommate that you never guessed had these feelings.

I am the person that sat next to you during class.

I am the person that played soccer with you during our breaks.

I am the person who encouraged you to pursue your goals, while silently forgetting my own.

I am the friend that told you that I am with you till the end.

I am the scared individual that you would never suspect.

I am the shy guy that kept his opinion reserved.

I am the guy that never ran after the girls like you did.

I am the guy that laughed at your jokes about women and sex.

I am the guy that pretended to check out that “hot chick” as she passed by with grace.

I was that classmate in fourth grade that laughed and put on a smile and pretended that everything is OK.

What you didn’t know about me:

I am a man that deals with Same Sex Attraction, on a daily basis.

I am a man that feels inferior to you in every way.

I am a man that does not trust the friendship you offer.

I was that little boy who smiled while on the side someone was violating me behind closed doors.

I was that guy in school who didn’t feel like I fit in or that I was one of the guys.

I am. I am. I am. I am.

I am a man seeking change, a healthy lifestyle, and pure happiness just like you.

Please help me!