My Positive Experience With Reparative Therapy

Written BY:  "C.S."

My experience with Reparative Therapy was a very positive and healing one. After many years of getting caught up in one lesbian relationship after another, I finally, in desperation, turned to a psychotherapist recommended by NARTH, the organization
founded by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi The reparative therapy I engaged in with this wonderful and sensitive woman was nothing but positive. It took quite a number of years, and a lot of difficult and painful work together, but the process was well worth it. Not only did my lesbian relationships cease, but my same-sex attractions have all but disappeared. It wasn't magic. It was deep and painful work on many issues going back to my childhood. Yes, my belief in God was a large factor, and prayer played a tremendous role, as it always does in my life. But I was never able to just "pray it away", and I wasn't capable of making the choice to stop having sex with women without it. I had to bring many things to consciousness before I even had that choice. I am familiar with the work of both Narth and Jonah. I personally know the founders of Jonah, and am in contact with them.  I know that many have healed out of homosexuality. The therapist who worked with me is a Protestant, but in all my years of therapy with her, that never got in the way. She always treated me with respect, and even learned a lot about yiddishkeit from me, as well as from other sources! She used that knowledge to help me, and never, ever tried to impose her beliefs on me. I, too, read Dr. Jeffrey Satinover's , at the beginning of my journey, and it helped me a lot at the time. Indeed, the Torah has no concept of 'ex-gay'.  Neither, though, does the Torah have any concept of 'gay'.  The Torah doesn't make references to "homosexuals", only to homosexuality, the behavior.  Mr. Benkof says:  "no notion that we're all inherently straight appears in any Jewish text."  That's absolutely right, and I would posit the idea that all people are born with the potential for homosexual behavior; otherwise, why would the Torah, which addresses all Jews, find the need to prohibit it?  For those, like David Benkof, who can make the personal choice to stop homosexual behavior, that's wonderful.  I, personally, needed psychotherapy to enable me
to even have that choice.
And, yes, it has brought me healing, resolution, and peace of mind. And yes, it is an ongoing journey