The One?

The One?
Written By: Roger Mann
(Posted December 2010)
(Introduction: This poem was chosen by JONAH to exemplify that once a man understands why he feels unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) and has begun to reclaim his innate heterosexuality,the search for a woman to share his life includes many of the same fears and doubts experienced by an "ever-straight" man.)
I had a really good date the other night. Wrote this tonight thinking about her. We had hours of talking about our lives. I shared probably too much this early in the relationship but she sent me a really moving E-mail after and says she wants very much to continue our relationship and is very serious. I am anxious about letting her down. Hence the poem.
The one.
Your glance brightens when I show up.
I notice; I like it; I wonder.
Are you the one?
Your hand reaches out to mine. 
And I gently squeeze.
Searching your face for clouds, I wonder.
Are you the one?
We hug and remain embraced 
longer than I expected.
It feels so sincere, I wonder,
Are you the one?
We share our lives
More than I intended.
You kiss me and I wonder.
Are you the one?
I have hoped,
Longed for decades
For one.
One who would see
The boy in me.
That needs just one.
One who would not run away.
One who would stay.
Who could see how hard I try.
To be.
One who wants to love.
Just doesn't know how.
Was never taught.
Needs to learn
I may not get it right
At first, or for a while
But don't give up. 
I'm just afraid.