Victim Mentality- A Poem About Change

(NOTE: The author, based upon his  participation in a Journey into Manhood weekend and his beneficial experience with change organizations such as JONAH,  wrote the poem shown below.  Mr. Ibrahim graciously gave JONAH permission to publish his poem with the prayer that his poetic words encourage others to advocate for the rights of clients seeking help to grow out of unwanted same-sex attractions.)

Victim Mentality – A Poem about Change

I’m the victim of society that does not understand,
homosexual feelings – can someone lend a hand?
I know that sexual actions, historically were banned,
but now the flames of passion and controversy are fanned,
for what was once a mortal sin has spread throughout the land!

I looked for help, and though I know there is no magic wand,
yet therapy that once was there is nowhere to be found!
Maybe in America or some such far-off lands,
I could find the help I need, but I have not the pounds.
So help me G-d, for now I know my soul is in your hands.

A therapist I once had, and this was his demand:
Surrender your belief and do the things you cannot stand.
Surrender your resistance for, a boyfriend you must find,
And any scriptural reference, yourself you must not mind,
For you, you must associate more with those of your kind.

From that time on I made my mind that never again I would,
hire any therapist who is an enemy of good.
I studied all the books on change to learn whatever I could,
and soon became an “expert”, understanding what was good,
So once I knew, I needed to convey it if I could.

I’m an advocate in society that needs to understand,
homosexual feelings – does anyone need a hand?
For now that flames of passion and controversy are fanned,
We need to tell the truth and do the things that we have planned,
So that once again the good prevails over evil in the land.

Muhammad Ibrahim (UK)